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4G wireless LED screen controller
2017-09-11 12:44:39

4G wireless LED screen controller
Can the OUTDOOR display be connected wireless by 3g or 4g sending and receiving cards?
There are two kind of controller for LED screen, one is synchronous controller, another one is asynchronous controller.
We need to connect DVI or HDMI video source for synchronous controller, usually we use PC / laptop with DVI or HDMI to send video signal to LED screen, or we can use video processor to convert other video source such as VGA, TV, DVD, livecamera to DVI video source. We cannot use wireless device to send the synchronous video program to LED screen.
Synchronous controller include sending card, receiving card and LED screen, the sending card receive the DVI video source and send the video signal to receiving card, the receiving card distribute the video signal to LED screen.
Another one is asynchronous controller, we can save the video program in the memory card such as U-disk, FC card, the LED screen will play the video program that saved in the memory automatically. We can send the edited video program to the controller ( memory card) through wireless such as 3G or 4G. After receiving the whole video program, the LED screen will display itself.
Asynchronous controller include the sending card with memory card, receiving card and LED screen.
So the difference of the synchronous and the asynchronous controller is the sending card, the receiving card and the LED screeen are the same, the cost of the controller are the same, they cost USD 260 per one, you need to prepare the 3G / 4G router yourself or add cost for it.

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