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Flex LED Wall Maintenance FAQ of soundsolrental
2014-09-29 17:17:41

Flex LED Wall Maintenance FAQ of soundsolrental
Thank you for your email.
I would like to add one of these flexible screen for our rent inventory.
·The size I am looking for is probably 3meters x 4meters.(Also is it possible be flexible to create any size)
>>The size of our flexible led screen is customized,we can make nearly any size according to your application; and many small panels can be connected together to make a screen as bigger as you want.
Because our flexible led screen is light weight, it is only 10kgs per square meter, in order for fast installation, so usually we make the big panel, for P6 with 3x4m, we divide the screen into 5 pieces of 0.768m width and 3.072m height, so one panel is only 20 kgs.
If you want to get different size, we can make the panel with 1.536m height and 0.768m width, so you can connect many panels together vertically and horizontally to make a bigger screen as you want, but there will be much connector and it will take much time to connect the panel together if the panel is too small.
·Also do you have better options for pixel pitch 10mm, 6mm etc..?
>> we have P3.9, P6, P10 and P20 with different brightness and ingress protection level (IP) for indoor and outdoor various application.
·Kindly give me price for the full package 3meter x 4meters in all available pixel pitch options  including the option to stream live video via video camera to screen.
>> I'm really sorry that it is hard for me to make all the quotation with all model, because there are various choice for different application, at present we have p6, P10 and P20 flexible LED screen with Ip43 and Ip54 waterproof, different application, the price is largely different, please check the price list, so you can estimate the cost with fifferent modle for various application.
If you need to connect camera, TV, DVD, VGA video source..., you need video processor, it will cost USD 660.
·Delivery time?
>> Usually it will take us about 20 days to prepare the goods after confirming the order. If you need LED display urgently, we will check our stock if there is material for fast delivery.
·I also need to know how durable is this product longevity / Maintenance / picture quality / Spare parts?
>> Our flexible led screen is composed of small modules, between each module, they are connected by two steel wire, one steel wire can load at least 80 kgs, so it is strong enough for the whole system.
And any of the parts can be disassembled without any professional tool, so nearly any parts can be replaced easily for any of us.
we provide one year free guarantee for our product, within one year after shipping the goods, we provide free technical support, free maintenance guide, free spare parts and free factory repair.
First of all, we provide high quality product, before shipment, we test our product with 48 hours to 72 hours continuously, during the test, we can find nearly all the problem to make sure the quality;
Secondly, we can provide prompt 7/24 service, if you have any problem, you can find us, we will try to help you solve the problem immediately, certainly with your cooperation;
Thirdly, our product is easy going, the software is easy to use, all the hardware is easy and fast installation, the most important thing is the easy repair structure, nearly every part is plug and play, without professional skill, you can replace any part including sending card, receiving card, HUB, cable and LED modules.
·Kindly calculate the cost for shipping via air & sea to Dubai
>> please check my comment about the shipment:
Awaiting your reply
Soundsol Elec. Equipment Rental L.L.C.
P.O. Box 126157
United Arab Emirates
Website: www.soundsolrental.com

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