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Requisting LED Wall Info from South Africa
2014-07-14 13:35:22

Requisting LED Wall Info from South Africa
Good day
We are interested in in the flexible led screen. We saw the video on you tube.
What is the largest size that you get? Can you join multiple screens together?
Do they come with possessors to run the screens?
If this screen is a reasonable price we would like to import it.
Do you do other led products as well or only the screens?
Ruaan Engelbrecht
Hello Ruaan,
thank you for your email and interested in our flexible led video wall.
At present we just make flexible led screen with flex, light weight, slim body and fast installation design for indoor and outdoor installation, especially for mobile application such as road show, music tour, DJ, concert and so on, we do not make other product at present.
The size of our flexible led video wall is customized, we can make nearly any size according to your requirement, so we can make the led screen as bigger as you want, certainly for each big led wall, it is composed of many small led panels, concerning the package and installation, we divide the LED screen into many section with proper size, for example, usually we divide each section with 0.768m width and 1 to 4 m height ( according to your application). There is connector between each panel ( section), so we can connection many panel ( section) together vertically and horizontally to make a LED wall as large as you want.
Usually LED screen is controlled by PC, because LED screen need DVI ( or HDMI) video source as video feed ( remember that LED screen is just a screen, it need video source). If you want to feed the LED screen with other video source such as VGA, TV, DVD, Livecamera and so on, we need video processor, because we need to convert all other video source into DVI or HDMI video source to feed LED Screen. So whether there is video processor, it depend on your video source. ( you can tell me your application, i will recommend you the proper device to run with the LED screen).
If you have the size, i will make quotation with our best price

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