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Self Adhesive Transparent Film Connection Drawing
2019-07-26 12:48:00

Self Adhesive Transparent Film Connection Drawing
For self-adhesive transparent film screen, there are controller ( sending card), power supply, HUB with receiving card and LED panel.
flexible transparent led screen
The LED panel is 1.3mm thickness, the LED lamps is embedded between two films, except the LED lamps, the whole panel is transparent, the electronic circuit is hidden, so the LED panel is 98% transparent.
The LED panel is attached on the transparent glass. 
The glass must be transparent, because the LED film panel is sticked in the inner side of the glass, the video program is watched from another side ( outside), in another words, the LED film screen is installed indoor, but viewed from outdoor, so the screen is for outdoor, but it is not waterproof.
There is silicone glue on the film panel, after removing the protection film, we can attach the film panel on the glass directly, we do not need to fix the film panel anymore. The silicone glue can just be used one time, if we tear down the film panel from the glass, it is hard to attach the film panel on the glass again. The film panel is sticked on the glass strongly, it is also hard to tear down the film panel from glass, and it is easy to break the film panel while tearing down. If one or some LED lamps do not work, we cannot repair it, or we have to tear down the whole film panel and change a new one.
transparent film screen with HUB
HUB board ( together with receiving card on the HUB board)
HUB board is connected with LED film panel, the electrinic device and receiving card is soldered on the HUB board. 
HUB board is not transparent.
transparent film panel HUB in the shell
There is aluminium shell to protect the HUB board.
After sticking the LED panel on the glass, we need to connect the HUB board with LED panel, and fix the HUB board on shell, the shell can be also connected one by one.
Between nearby two HUB board, there is power cable and signal cable, the power is DC 12V.
transparent film screen power supply
The power supply:
The power supply is put aside of the LED wall, the output of the power supply is DC 12V, usually one power supply (about 2800W) can control about 10 to 15 square meter LED wall ( pitch 31.25mm).
transparent film screen controller
The main controller ( sending card box):
Between sending card box and the HUB ( receiving card), there is LAN cable.
The main controller can works with synchronous mode and asynchronous mode.
With synchronous mode, we need to connect the HDMI signal.
With asynchronous mode, we need to save the video program to the controller in advance, usually we use Android mobile phone with app that we provided, and we need to edit and send the video program through WIFI by Andriod mobile phone. Or we need to save the video program with USB memory disk.
self adhesive transparent film screen setup drawing

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