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What is the Difference for Flexible LED Curtain Display With IP43, IP54 and IP65 ?
2010-09-08 17:22:35


difference between IP65, IP54, IP43, IP44 ingree protection level outdoor flexible led screen


Definition: IP protection level
IP means ingress protection, there are various level from zero to eight with two class number together.
The detail explanation of protection level of flexible led screen:
There are various product with different kind of protection level, at present IP43, IP54 and IP65 is available.

First number (Protection against solid objects) 


Second number (Protection against liquids) 


No protection 

No protection 

Protected against solids objects over 50mm (e.g. accidental touch by hands 

Protected against vertically falling drops of water 

Protected against solids objects over 12mm (e.g. fingers) 

Protected against direct sprays up to 15o from the vertical 

Protected against solids objects over 2.5mm (e.g. tools and wires) 

Protected against direct sprays up to 60o from the vertical 

Protected against solids objects over 1mm (e.g. tools, wires and small wires 

Protected against sprays from all directions - limited ingress permitted 

Protected against dust - limited ingress (no harmful deposit) 

Protected against low pressure jets if water from all directions - limited ingress permitted 

Totally protected against dust 

Protected against strong jets of water e.g. for use on shipdecks - limited ingress permitted 



Protected against the effects of temporary immersion between 15cm and 1m. Duration of test 30 minutes 



Protected against long periods of immersion under pressure 

From the table above, 4 means Protected against solids objects over 1mm (e.g. tools, wires and small wires), 3 means Protected against direct sprays up to 60o from the vertical.
Exactly speaking, The product with IP43 is not waterproof, it cannot be exposed in the outdoor open air or the place that the rain, water drop and spatter can reach.
If the product with IP43 is wetted by liquid, it will cause short circuit. if the water filter into the led that is not waterproof itself (like most of the 3528 SMD LED), the LED will goes dead.
If the led screen with IP43 is wetted by rain, possibly the LEDs will go dead with large quantity.
Therefore, we only can install the led screen with IP43 indoor and semi-outdoor where the water cannot approach.
5 means Protected against dust - limited ingress (no harmful deposit), 4 means Protected against sprays from all directions - limited ingress permitted.
Our product with IP54 is waterproof, we dip our flexible led screen with IP54 into water, there is not any problem that the screen works in the water for several days.
The whole device including PCB, cable and LED is printed with a layer of waterproof material, so it is waterproof, we can install it outdoor even in the rain, but it is not for outdoor permanently installation, because it is just protected by a printed layer which is very thin, it cannot endure long term sunbeam, wind and acid rain, otherwise the printed layer will be corrupted by weathering.
So usually we use the led screen with IP54 for outdoor temporary installation, for example, we can install the led screen with IP54 outdoor for an event with one or two weeks, after the event we need to move the led screen indoor or put into the case ( must keep dry before we put the device into case).
Usually we use flexible led screen with IP54 for rental business, mobile led vehicle screen (truck, lorry, bus and so on the façade of the vehicle), mobile advertisement, road show, music tour …
6 means Totally protected against dust, 5 means Protected against low pressure jets if water from all directions - limited ingress permitted.
The flexible led screen with IP65 is for outdoor permanent installation, there are double protection, printed layer and silicon glue (silica gel), the exposed LED lamp is protected by additional layer of silica gel that is specially imported from Japan and which never goes yellow (change color).
Remark: there is also various kind of LED, the façade of some LED lamp is waterproof, but some is not waterproof, the led screen made of 3528 SMD LED is not waterproof itself; the outdoor LED screen must use waterproof and antioxidant led lamps. (that’s why the outdoor led screen made of SMD LED is expensive.)
the info above is provided and edited by Fisher Dakota personally, if there is  any discrepancy, please contact:
 Email: flexible.led.display.screen@gmail.com

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