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flex led video wall composed by led module panels
2014-07-21 14:58:34

flex led video wall composed by led module panels

Hello Brown Kim,

I'm glad to hear of your reply.
Let me tell you some details about our 6mm pitch flexible led screen:
1. about the size:
a. the led screen based on 0.192x0.192 m module;
b. we ( the manufacturer) assemble such modules together to make a panel, normally the width of the panel is 0.768m ( o.192x4=0.768), the range of the height of the panel is from 0.192m to 6.144m ( maximum of the height of one panel is 6.144m, because 6.144m equal 1024 pixels, one sending card just control 1024 pixels at height)
(concerning the package, structure and weight, the best width of the panel is 0.768m)
C. you ( the customer) connect many panels together vertically and horizontally to make a bigger led wall as you want.
But we'd better do not make the panel too small, if the LED panels are too small, there will be too much connector, and it will take a long time to connect many panels together.
For rental business, you can order many panels with various height, for example, 1.152m, 1.92m and 3.072m, so you can get the led wall with many size.
With 1x5m, is it 1m height and 5m width or 5m height and 1m width ?
If the height and the width of the LED panel are different, the final cost will be largerly different.
Take 1x5m as example, if it is 1m height and 5m width, we will divide this into 6 panels ( 6 pieces of 1.152m height and 0.768m width), so we need 6 pieces of receiving and power box;
if it is 1m width and 5m height, we can make it with one panel as 0.96m width and 5.12m height, so we just need one power and receiving card box.
Please check the picture that will help you under how it works.
led panel back view
led panel front view
led wall back view

 Note: this email may concern the business secret, we can or cann't make real business, whatever please do not emit the content, product details, picture, business condition and price information to anyone else, especially our business competitor, if you have any question and doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,
Solumax Technology Co., Ltd
( Creative LED Screen Provider With Flexible and Mobile Design )
Address:720 B Zhihui Creation Center 2ed Qianjin Road Baoan Shenzhen in China ZIP: 518 120
Tel: +86 755 6180 8665
Mobile/SGM: +86 186 8033 9086
Email: yuchao622@hotmail.com
Skype: fisher201223 
Commen question and answer: http://mobile-led-screen.ledaliveshow.com


Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2014 15:05:27 +0900
From: brownkim
To: yuchao622@hotmail.com
Subject: Hi Fisher

Hi Fisher~ 

It was nice to receive the e-mail from you. :)


I have some more question about  ' 6mm Pitch Flex LED Video Wall '

As you said any size you can customise OK then, is it possible if we want to extend or assemble two units which is 1 m X 5 m each for example? 

It is very important thing  when we want to use it for rental equepment because every venue and client needs different size of LED Wall.


One more thing, What is your best offer for 10 units of 1m X 5 m each including power supply and LED controller if we wanna buy it.


Quick answer would be very helpful~ :)



Best Regards,
Brown Kim | Planning Director

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