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flexible LED video Wall Guarantee Policy
2014-06-09 17:48:10

flexible LED video Wall Guarantee Policy

flexible LED Wall Guarantee Policy

General guarantee policy: One Year In-house Factory Repair/Replacement. Provided two years guarantee, charge additional 15% cost; for three years guarantee, charge additional 30%.
We provide one year warranty for our product, within in one year after shipping the product, we provide free spare parts, maintenance guide, technical support and free factory repair.
For technical support, such as how to install, how to configure the software and hardware, I will tell you by mail, or I can help you online through remote controlling support.
For most of the client, they purchase such kind of product for rental, music tour, road show and mobile use, so flexible led screen will be traveled around, folded, installed time and time again, and for most of the workers, they do not take care, pay more attention and be cautious during transportation, moving, installation and packing, they even handle the product roughly, so nobody can guarantee how long you can use the product, like our clothes, when we buy the clothes, usually we do not ask the seller how long you can wear. Our flexible LED screen is made of PC material, the module is connected with stainless steel wire, there is not any problem with 1000 times folding after test, so We just provide one year guarantee for our flexible led screen.
If there is some problem with the product, please send me email with the details, better with the picture. Please send me picture when the LED screen show pure white, red, green, blue, black and image. Most of the time, it is difficult to describe the problem by words, through picture it can help us analyze the product easily.
Usually you just need to tell us the problem and send me some picture, I will tell you what to do, if necessary I will arrange to send you the spare parts (without special demand, you do not need to send the defect parts back, but sometimes you need to send the bad one back for our study), you need to replace the defect part with my instruction, you’d better let your technical person to operate, or you need to invite a technician to help you if you don’t know how to use the tool. For most of the repair work, for example, we need to replace the PCB or LED lamps, we need to use iron solder.
For LED screen, the most of the problem is the LED lamps, the average life-span (longevity) of the LED lamp is 80000 hours, some LED lamp will work more than 80000 hours, some LED lamp will work less than 80000 hours, maybe some LED will die after 100 hours. For a LED screen, there are thousands and thousands of LED lamps, we cannot make sure every LED lamps will work with regular time. Therefore, sometimes we need to change the dead LED lamps with new one.
If you want to rental LED screen to others, you need to learn how to use iron solder, and how to replace the LED lamps, anyway it is an easy work, not complex for most of the people, you do not need any professional knowledge to do this work.
After sending me the description and picture of the problem, I will arrange to send you the spare parts, usually it will take about 5 to 15 days, because sometimes we also need time to prepare the goods if the stock is used up. 
When we delivery the goods first time, we will send you some LED, LED module, plastic cover, screw and cable, usually we send you 0.3% as spare parts. If you need more spare part, you can buy some additional spare parts, so you can repair the LED screen without waiting more time for mailing spare parts from us. If you are making rental business or travel around, you’d better purchase additional spare parts besides we prepared for you.
For any problem, we’d better solve the problem at your side, we will provide you the necessary parts and guide instruction.
If you cannot solve the problem, you need to send the product back for repair, during the warranty time, we will not charge any cost, but you need to pay the shipping cost from you to us, after repairing, we will send you the goods, we will pay the shipping cost from us to you.
When you or us shipping the goods, we need to make an invoice with less value and simple package. You must need to notice us in advance to confirm the invoice and the package, if without notice in advance, we will refuse to accept the goods from courier.

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